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Lace-ups are everywhere, and are THE shoe of the season! I have seen a version of the ones I have on at every single store I have walked into over the past few weeks. The great things about lace-ups are that they are extremely easy to add to your wardrobe! They can be worn to work with a blazer for a more professional look, or you can wear them more casually like I did here with ripped jeans! And if…

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The Secret to Longer Looking Legs

 It is officially a new month, and I am so ready for Spring to be here. I am also excited to start wearing more dresses. I am usually a jeans and shorts kind of girl, but sometimes dresses are just way more comfortable then trying to squeeze into those extremely skinny jeans. But what do you do when it does not feel like Spring just yet and you still want to put on a dress? Here’s the secret… put on…

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Let’s Get Real

  Okay, so lets get real about a few things. First of all, I have a new graphic tee obsession. I am loving all the graphic tees I am seeing when I shop. There are so many with different sayings on them now, and there seems to be one for every mood! I currently own ones that say, But First Coffee, Latte Now Yoga Later, You’re Killing Me Smalls, So Far So Good, and of course my Inspire and Be…

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New York Fashion Week

I am not usually someone who wears a ton of color, but when I do wear color I like it to be bold. Red is especially my go to. With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, and this week being Fashion Week, I was inspired to break out my gorgeous, red, J.Crew jacket. I only wear it on special occasions, and after checking out all the street styles from bloggers and fashion moguls around the world who are in New York City…

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