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The Perfect Rain Boots

Have you ever struggled with finding a good pair of rain boots? I definitely have. I used to purchase a new pair of rain boots each year because the pair I bought never lived up to my expectations. My feet would either end up soaking wet or freezing. Sometimes the boot would even start peeling or a hole would start to form at the heels. Regardless, no pair was ever able to weather the rain and the snow in Ohio. After…

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Let’s Get Real

  Okay, so lets get real about a few things. First of all, I have a new graphic tee obsession. I am loving all the graphic tees I am seeing when I shop. There are so many with different sayings on them now, and there seems to be one for every mood! I currently own ones that say, But First Coffee, Latte Now Yoga Later, You’re Killing Me Smalls, So Far So Good, and of course my Inspire and Be…

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The Ultimate Fur Vest

Ohio is killing me. I am a total freeze baby. This weekend Ohio thought it would be funny to make it 60 degrees on Sunday, then give us a full on blizzard the next day, and snow showers that would last the rest of the week. Why do I live here? Probably because of all the layers I get to pile on to keep me warm out here in the snow. This vest, is my go to. It is the…

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