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The Perfect Rain Boots

Have you ever struggled with finding a good pair of rain boots? I definitely have. I used to purchase a new pair of rain boots each year because the pair I bought never lived up to my expectations. My feet would either end up soaking wet or freezing. Sometimes the boot would even start peeling or a hole would start to form at the heels. Regardless, no pair was ever able to weather the rain and the snow in Ohio. After…

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New York Fashion Week

I am not usually someone who wears a ton of color, but when I do wear color I like it to be bold. Red is especially my go to. With yesterday being Valentine’s Day, and this week being Fashion Week, I was inspired to break out my gorgeous, red, J.Crew jacket. I only wear it on special occasions, and after checking out all the street styles from bloggers and fashion moguls around the world who are in New York City…

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