The Secret Equation to an Instantly Comfortable and Stylish Look

Last Friday I left the city I called home for the past 24 years of my life. It was a little nerve-wracking, but I am excited about my new city… Charlotte, NC! I am eager to start exploring the city, and break out my cute shorts now that I am living in a state with a much warmer climate! For someone with chronic illnesses, the weather is a reason to move to Charlotte in and of itself.

In order to move I had to pack up everything I own, the most important things being my clothes and shoes of course. I am not going to lie, it was so hard having to pack, but it was refreshing at the same time to weed through my wardrobe, get organized, and get rid of clothes I never wear, were old and tattered, or were just not my style.

I had to make sure I left some outfits out for moving, and I knew exactly what I wanted to keep out… my go-to outfits for an instantly comfortable but stylish look. There is an equation I use all the time to pull it off and now I am sharing it with you! So without further ado here is my secret equation…

[ Booties + Ripped Skinny Jeans + Tank/T-shirt + Oversized Sweater/Cardigan = Perfection ]

That’s it! Follow this outfit equation whenever you need something quick to put on or are torn on what to wear. It is the formula for a perfect cozy and cute look.

The best part of the equation is that these articles of clothing are easy to find and reasonably cheap! All my articles of clothing in my outfit were less than $30, which is such a steal! I included links at the bottom where you can go to copy my look, and all items are less than $50!

If you want to take the look a step further and up a notch, just add some dainty layered jewelry, simple rings, a cute everyday bag, and a fun pair of shades.

Have fun putting together your own clothes to fit the equation!

P.S. For all my chronic illness friends and spoonies out there… I love this equation because I can actually hide my compression stockings using this outfit equation and no one knows!


DSC_0825DSC_0802 DSC_0842


DSC_0848 DSC_0860


DSC_0890 DSC_0899


Special shout out to Townhall for the free drinks, and being one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland! I am going to miss the awesome food and great atmosphere!


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