How to Hide Tired Eyes

This past weekend it was actually warm out! So I took advantage of it and took some shots outside. Unfortunately, this week, the snow came back. I swear Ohio has more mood swings than any woman I know. It was very sunny out, and I had tired eyes. Insomnia can do that to you. I’m sure that many can relate. So how do you cover up tired eyes or dark bags in a super-stylish way? Put on what I believe to be an easily forgotten fashion accessory: SHADES.








Not sure what kind of sunglasses to get? I highly suggest a pair of aviators. They go with everything. I love mine. I got them a few years ago at Forever 21, and they have served me well. Anytime I am feeling extra tired, have dark circles, or maybe I just don’t want to put on eye makeup, I put on my favorite pair of shades!



Side Note: I LOVE these boots. The color and material look so chic and expensive, but they weren’t! They were extremely reasonable because I got them from Forever 21. They have amazing, trendy shoes that are super affordable. If you are looking for a pair of Spring shoes definitely take a trip there.

So next time you feel tired, and you can maybe see it in your eyes, throw on a pair of your favorite sunglasses. It’s an instant style and beauty trick!

Sweater: Forever 21 / Dress: Forever 21 / Boots: Forever 21 / Sunglasses: Forever 21


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    October 15, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    your photos are zoo beautiful i love it. Keep on going!!

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