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Hey guys! Sorry for the wait time between posts! It has just been way too cold outside for me to take pictures! I have poor blood circulation, so I lose feeling in my hands and feet very quickly. I blame the POTS Syndrome. But yesterday was so nice out, and I was finally able to take pictures! It was great, and I loved my outfit for two important reasons:

1. It was extremely comfortable.

2. It was stylish.

So I decided it is time to write a post about one of the biggest myths in fashion:

You cannot be comfortable and fashionable.

People think it is either or, but I am about to tell you you’re wrong, and how you can style an outfit that is both comfy and stylish.



DSC_0189 So many people tell me that being fashionable is not comfortable, and that they would wear more stylish clothes if it wasn’t so hard and uncomfortable, especially when they talk about shoes. But let’s break that myth… You can be comfy and stylish!

And it is easy! Find what is comfortable for you, and just add a few style elements to it. Personally for me, I deal with chronic abdominal pain, so one thing I avoid 95% of the time is close fitted clothing. I don’t wear tight clothes very often, if not at all. It agitates my abdomen, so I opt for looser tops. If you are like me and also like loose fitting tops, the key is to make sure to get the tops in your size. I used to buy larges just so the top would be looser fitting, but then my proportions were off. Button downs, loose T’s, sweaters, and sweatshirts are my go to’s. Sounds comfy right? That’s because they are! I routinely shop Forever 21 & Marshalls for great loose tops. My favorite look is the one I am wearing. I paired my flannel button down with skinny jeans and tennis shoes.

Another style tip to look and feel comfortable is to wear your favorite skinny jeans and pair them with simple sneakers. Notice I said sneakers, and not gym shoes. There is a time and place for those, i.e. the gym. I will explain the difference in a second, but first I want to address skinny jeans. I hear people complain about skinny jeans a lot, but I promise you that the only reason they are uncomfortable is because you are shopping at the wrong store. For me, American Eagle is my go to. Honestly, 95% of the pants I own are from there because their jeans are extremely soft, comfortable, and most importantly STRETCHY. Do not buy skinny jeans that do not have some type of spandex, lycra, or stretch properties to them. Like I said, American Eagle got it right for me. I wear their jeggings almost every day.

Now back to the shoes… If you do not know this let me enlighten you, there are tennis shoes that are strictly for the gym, and then there are certain “fashion tennis shoes” that can be worn with outfits. I am going to write an entire post soon about the exact differences and how to purchase “fashion tennis shoes.” But for the time being let me just say, gym shoes are another investment in and of themselves that you should purchase to fit your specific exercise style. They should not be worn outside in harsh weather conditions or all day every day. They are specifically for exercising to give you an optimal workout. You do not want them to get worn out by doing mundane every day activities. Fashion tennis shoes on the other hand are simple, sleek, and not for heavy exercising. They can be good for long amounts of walking, but that is about it. Like I said, I will be doing an entire post on this soon if you would like (COMMENT BELOW), but for now I suggest opting for a pair of clean looking tennis shoes that are not extremely busy, they lace up, and are simple in color. My top suggestion is a great pair of Converse. They look great with any outfit. Flat, lace up sneakers are making a comeback. Especially white ones! I have my eye on an all white pair right now. Below are two links. One link is to the Converse shoes I am wearing, and the second are the white pair I am looking to invest in and hopefully you do the same!




DSC_0207Leather Jacket: Forever 21 / Top: Forever 21 / Jeans: American Eagle / Purse: Marshalls / Shoes: Converse Jewelry: H&M

So you do not need to believe that comfort cannot equal style anymore. You can be comfortable and stylish. I know because I live that life every day. Especially dealing with chronic pain, comfort is a must! Thanks for reading!

P.S. I love the bag I am wearing in these photos. I got it from Marshalls for $15! It was a steal! Right now tassels and fringe are very popular. I suggest adding something with tassels or fringe into your wardrobe if you want to stand out from the crowd and show how trendy you are. 😉


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